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The Staff


Educator  in the Butterfly Room (2-3 years)

Working towards Bachelor of Education (Birth to Eight Years).

‘I find working with children to be incredibly rewarding. Each day is another exciting adventure for us to take together.’

Aimee believes that children learn through play and aims to make meaningful connections with all the children in her care. Aimee would like to share that her favourite colour is green, she has double-jointed thumbs and a love of Mexican food.

Coordinator of the Senior Preschool Room (4-5 years)

Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood and Primary).

‘I am a passionate and enthusiastic teacher who wouldn’t rather be anywhere else. I have a brilliant Senior Preschool team who will move mountains for your child. We are privileged to have such a wondrous, natural environment for our children to explore, investigate, be themselves and enjoy their childhood in.’

Amy has always wanted to be a teacher, particularly in a preschool. 'I love their sense of wonder, constant questions, constant questions and their willingness to learn new things.’

Amy believes, through play, children learn about their world, how to get along with others, how to solve problems and develop skills they need to learn and grow as they enter the next phase of their life (primary school). ‘I don’t think there is enough emphasis placed on the early years within our society. These few short years are imperative to the health and wellbeing of our children.’

Amy is dedicated to continuous professional improvement. over the next few months, she will be completing her accreditation with the Board of Studies Teacher and Educational Standards (BOSTES) and will be seeking various professional development opportunities within that, such as inclusive education, the Forest Schools educational approach and Indigenous education.

Educator in the Sunshine Room

Certificate III in Children’s Services.

Bree had been with the Willows since 2012

‘I love to watch the children grow and face new challenge, and love listening to the wonderful stories they tell. I believe children learn through play -playing with other children, building friendships, making mess and getting involved.’

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