Enrolment Process

After you have had a read about who we are, what we do and our philosophy, and had a tour of the service to check out our environment and meet our educators, you will have a good idea whether the Willows is the service for you. You will have received the enrolment pack, and will have everything you need.

We should already have an idea of what days you require, when you need to commence care, and contact details for you.

Step 1: Talk To The Office Staff

Once a decision is made to come to the Willows, tell the office staff you would like to be placed on the enrolment list and book in for an evaluation interview

Step 2: Attend Evaluation Interview

This is where…

    • We discuss what you need for your child
    • You formally meet the educator in your child’s room
    • You learn about what the Willows is responsible for
    • We identify any issues likely to affect your child at the Willows (allergies, learning difficulties etc)
    • You learn about your responsibilities as a Willows community member
    • We work out your fees, and the best method of payment.
    • You find out whether there are spaces when you need them. (If there are no spaces, you can be placed on the waiting list, and given an estimated commencement date.)
    • We complete the orientation checklist with you, which goes through all the systems you need, to breeze through your time at the Willows

Step 3: Contact Centrelink

You contact Centrelink and register for Child Care Benefit (CCB), which automatically registers you for Child Care Rebate (CCR) if you meet the criteria, and let them know you are about to commence care at The Willows.

Step 4: Submit Enrolment Form

You complete and return the enrolment form, and child profile, and the office staff will obtain a formal enrolment through Centrelink.

Step 5: Pay Bond

After you pay the bond, your child’s position at The Willows is now secured and you will be charged fees from the start date given.

Step 6: Confidence Building Visits

Prior to commencing care we strongly encourage families, if possible, to come in with their child a few times, join in a meal, or a group time, or play in the sand pit, as often as necessary for the child to become relaxed and confident, before you leave them for the first time. If a parent is present there is no fee charged.

Enrolment Pack

Download our enrolment pack here (as PDFs).