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Permanent Positions

Positions always become available at the end of the year, when each service sends off about one third of their children to big school and the remaining children progress up the ranks. Vacancies appear across the age ranges in December and January.

If you are looking for care outside this time, never fear, in Orange there is a high chance you will succeed. The sooner you get your name on our enrolment list, the better. We have babies yet to be born, already enrolled.

In the past 18 years every child on our waiting list by November has been given a position.

The 4 main events that create vacancies in childcare throughout the year are:

Positions can pop up at any time of year. Children on our waiting list whose families are serious about a place at The Willows, and have paid a deposit, are usually given a position within one month.

Contact us and enquire, or go to mychild.gov.au to check out what vacancies are available this week.

Casual Positions

Because The Willows is a family owned service we are able to closely track which children will be on holidays and creating casual vacancies.

We offer these positions to families who:

Casual care can be charged on an hourly rate of $15 per hour, for which Child Care Benefit is not applicable, or a daily rate with Child Care Benefit applied (which ever works out cheapest.)