As an early childhood teacher, he has completed a Masters in Early Childhood, and a Master of Research. Trevor has over 40 years of experience in education.

‘After working with children in the educational setting for so long, I certainly believe that they are capable and competent from birth. Children learn in the context of play, but it takes a skilful teacher to encourage and provoke learning in such a context.’

Trevor Aims to make a difference in the life of every child he works with, giving them the best start as life-long learners. At present, he is continuing his studies as a Doctor of Philosophy candidate at Macquarie University, focusing on young children’s literacy and language development.

‘This allows me to keep current with significant and wonderful developments in the field of early education from birth to school age. It also offers the opportunity to work with some of Australia’s leading experts in the Early Childhood Education sector.’

When not engaged with children or business, Trevor devotes considerable time to his other passion—theatre. His significant contributions were recognised when awarded life membership to the Orange Theatre Company, something he is very proud of.

‘It has been wonderful to see many Willows graduates move into theatre and dance both in Orange and internationally.’



Diploma in Children’s Services. 30 years experience in Early Childhood Care and Education.

‘My Mum was a year one teacher, she awakened in me a deep curiosity about how the natural world works. I want to pass this passion on to as many children as possible. I believe children are born explorers. It is our job to set up stimulating and supportive environments to facilitate this innate ability. I want children to discover the joy of learning.’

Cathy is currently studying the human biome to find out how diet and gut flora impact on children’s wellbeing and ability to learn.

‘My background is in Psychology, Human Bioscience, and Nutrition. I love to research every day and put the results of that research into practice to ensure The Willows is doing the very best for all our children.’

Cathy loves to share her findings and learn more, so please feel free to knock on the office door any time you want a good chat.



Assistant Director/Educational Leader

Bachelor of Education (Birth to Five Years). Alex has been an educator at the Willows since 2005.

‘I feel honoured to be working along children in their most precious formative years and supporting their innate desire to learn, connect with others and discover who they are and what their role is in their world. I adore working with families and fellow educators to reflect on how we can do our very best and how we can help to set the foundations for rewarding and satisfying lives for children at every stage on their journey.’

Alex enjoys spending much of her time learning, researching, and reflecting with the team about all areas of high-quality care and education.

‘I am a mother of two gorgeous children-Leo and Evie-who come to the Willows with me every day. Being a mum has been, by far, the very best professional development I’ve ever experienced.’

Alex is a hobbyist photographer and graphic designer and can regularly be seen on stage in Orange Theatre Company’s musicals and plays. She loves that she can incorporate and share many of these skills in her work at The Willows.


Coordinator of The Rainbow Room (0-12 months)

Diploma of Children’s Services. Trudy has been with the Willows for 11 years.

‘I feel it is very rewarding to witness the children growing and developing into the unique people they will become. I believe children learn best when they are able to work at their own pace and be supported by educators on their learning journey.’

Trudy strives to provide quality care and nurturing relationships with both families and children, and would like families to know that, ‘I understand how hard it must be for you to leave your child in other people’s care, I will do all that I can to make your child feel safe, secure and supported while in my care.’