who we are

The Rooms

Rainbow Room (0-12 months) and Sunshine Room (12-18 months)

Your Child, Your Family, Your Service.

We are linked in a common goal to ensure your child is happy, healthy, and learning all they can about their world.

In the Rainbow and Sunshine Rooms, we strive for a nurturing and routine-based program focused on continuity of care between home and the Willows, creating loving and secure relationships, and providing supportive challenges for rapidly developing brains and bodies. There is an emphasis on creating a warm and inviting home-like environment.

Our language skills are beginning to develop and many of us are using different cries, gestures and body language to indicate hunger and thirst, tiredness, insecurity and anger when someone takes our toy or mum leaves before we are ready.

The educators in this room are experienced interpreters and devote much time to exploring the emotions with the children and gently coaxing them towards the words to express them. This will give them the power to control their own worlds. Once we learn to talk and walk the world opens up to us.

Butterfly Room (18-30 months)

Working Towards Independence and Supporting Social Success

Providing an environment that encourages sharing, turn-taking, and respect for all.

In the Butterfly Room, we focus on

  • Self help skills such as toileting, hand washing, and dressing and feeding ourselves
  • Language and communication
  • Socialising.

We strive to provide a supportive environment where children are encouraged to ‘give it a go,’ and mistakes are viewed as stepping stones on our learning journey.

We have discovered the power of words and are encouraged in our journey toward independence by skilled facilitators who understand the value of providing a setting where it is safe to try new things, and teach the importance of being responsible for our belongings, environment, and community.

Junior Preschool (2.5-3.5 years)

Cultivating Curiosity

Exploring and supporting Children’s awe and wonder at our amazing world.

In the Junior Preschool Room we are mastering spoken language and self expression. We are detectives and scientists exploring our exciting world by asking questions and experimenting with language, maths, and the arts and sciences. In the Junior Room, we are becoming responsible and active members of our community, and we help to set up, use, and care for our learning environment. We are learning to engage in cooperative play and hints of successful sharing can be seen. Our friends are very important to us, and our patient educators give us gentle conflict resolution skills to foster strong relationships.

Senior Preschool/Transition to School (3.5-5 years)

Embraced, Celebrated, Supported, Prepared

Working together to equip children with the skills and knowledge for success at ‘Big School’ and Beyond.

The Senior Preschool focuses on school readiness for our 4-5 year olds with an exciting and challenging program specifically catered to the skills, interests, and capabilities of our older children. The programming is heavily child-interest based, so the skills, interests, and background of the children will guide their learning environment and experiences, allowing effective learning to take place. The children take ownership and responsibility for their classroom and involve themselves in the day-to-day runnings.In this room, we can use words effectively and our independence allows us to focus our energy outwards to experience a world full of wonder and excitement. Our highly qualified educators guide us to focus on how our behaviour affects others and how to be respectful but assertive when the behaviour of others affects us. The environment at the Willows Preschool is the ideal opportunity to instil a joy of learning that will last a lifetime.