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The Staff


Educator in the Senior Preschool Room (4-5 years)

Diploma of Children’s Services.

Brydie has been involved in Early Childhood Care and Education since 2011

‘Being constantly surrounded by younger siblings and cousins has been my greatest influence. To put it as simply as possible, I believe children learn through doing—through trial and error.’

Brydie aspires to attain her Bachelor of Education in the coming years and is currently expecting her first child in 2016.
Educator in the Sunshine Room (18 months-2.5 years)

Certificate III in Children’s Services.

Celia has been involved in Early Childhood Care and Education since 2013

‘I look forward to working with your children and assisting them to grow and develop. Children learn through all aspects of play—through exploring new things, getting involved with others and new activities, making a mess...’

Celia will be exploring her passion for early education further, having recently enrolled in a Bachelor of Education that she will commence in 2016.
Educator in the Junior Preschool Room (3-4 years)

Currently working towards her Masters in Early Education.

Dinah has 8 years experience in education and has been a part of the Willows team since 2012.

‘I believe that every child is an independent, confident, competent and resourceful learner with the ability to learn about the world around them. I am committed to supporting children’s learning in engaging, supporting and inclusive environments through play-based experiences to develop positive learning dispositions by means of open-ended experiences and materials. I respect children’s agency in being able to direct their own learning through exploration and discovery.’

Dinah is currently working towards her Maters of Teaching (Early Years) which she feels will allow her to facilitate the implementation of high quality early childhood education for all children.

Dinah adopted eight beautiful stray cats some years ago that now live in her house in Jakarta, Indonesia. She thinks that if she were to be born again, she’d like to come back as a vet.

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